Oceanside Wrongful Death Lawyer

A wrongful death occurs when a person is killed due to negligence or misconduct of another individual, company or entity. A legal action for wrongful death belongs to the decedent’s immediate family members, usually a surviving spouse and children. When a domestic partner, parent, spouse, or child has been killed in an accident, the loss is sudden and devastating. If a loved one has died due to the wrongful act or neglect of another contact an Oceanside wrongful death attorney at the Liljegren Law Group today. Our attorneys can help make sense of the legal and financial aspects of the family’s loss, and obtain financial compensation from those responsible. The attorneys at the Liljegren Law Group have years of experience representing families in California wrongful death cases. Statutory time limitations do apply in California in wrongful death cases so it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible.

The attorneys at the Liljegren Law Group are devoted to helping the families of wrongful death victims and those who have suffered serious personal injury. Our law firm will investigate the accident or negligence and determine the liable parties. We will conduct business and communication with the insurance company or jury to fully explain how the wrongful death has affected you and your family both financially and emotionally. Our experienced attorneys will seek damages and help bring you the resources you need as you deal with the wrongful death of a loved one. Contact our Oceanside wrongful death attorneys today at 760-613-9906 and make an appointment for a free initial consultation.

There are two elements that need to be present in order to bring a successful wrongful death cause of action in California. They are:

  1. The death of a human being caused by another’s negligent or intentional conduct.
  2. The survival of family members who are suffering the loss of financial support, love, care, comfort, supervision, guidance, household assistance and general society previously provided by the deceased.

Wrongful death cases in California provide one to be entitled to recover both economic and non-economic damages which are suffered as a result of the loss of a loved one. In California, wrongful death claim compensation can include damages for:

  1. Financial support that the victim would have contributed to the heir during the life expectancy of the heir
  2. Decedent’s future anticipated earnings
  3. Lost gifts or benefits of the victim (medical insurance, pension, 401(k), etc.)
  4. Funeral and burial expenses
  5. Reasonable value of household services
  6. Loss of the victim’s love, companionship, comfort, care, assistance, protection, and affection
  7. Survivor’s pain, suffering, and mental anguish

If you have lost a loved one as the result of a personal injury accident, no amount of money can replace your loss or properly compensate you. You need an experienced wrongful death attorney to represent you. Contact a successful Oceanside wrongful death attorney at the Liljegren Law Group today. Our attorneys have years of experience in this specialized area of the law and will give you the personal attention you deserve. Call our office today for a free legal consultation.

Preserving evidence and identifying defendants are key factors in wrongful death cases. Statutory time limits apply in all California wrongful death matters, which limit the amount of time you have to file a claim, which makes it important to contact an Oceanside wrongful death attorney as soon as possible. Our office is conveniently located in North San Diego County. If chosen to represent your loved one in a wrongful death case our attorneys will investigate all circumstances surrounding the accident and preserve any and all evidence. The Liljegren Law Group will fight aggressively to help you obtain the compensation you are entitled to. Call us today at 760-613-9906.